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Our Process


Initial Conversation

The owner will always have the initial conversation with you to fully realize your wants and goals.  At this stage we will collect your initial documents and based on the information provided we will prequalify you.  While talking to the you we will custom structure the loan based on down payment, maximum payment, and closing costs available.


Once the property has been identified we can proceed with the loan process.  Our Loan Partner will send out the Initial Disclosures and a list of any other items needed.  Once you have signed the disclosures we will start processing the loan.


Loan Processor Review

Our Processor will review the file for any red flags prior to submission to the Underwriter.


Conditional Approval

The Underwriter conditionally approves the loan usually within 2-3 business days after submission.  At this point we will reach out for any additional documents needed, home owner’s insurance, estimated funds to close, and confirm closing.



We work the loan every day to execute and meet the required closing date.  We formally update you on each and every milestone during the loan process.